Sierra Meadow Prioritization Tool Now Available

from Marian Vernon

The purpose of the Sierra Meadow Prioritization Tool is to provide a strategic, flexible approach for prioritizing Sierra meadows to achieve multiple benefits and provide a comprehensive database of the distribution of conservation values across the Sierra Nevada meadow landscape that can be used in decision-making. The ultimate goal is that restoration practitioners, land managers, and others will use this tool to inform decision-making about which meadows to prioritize for restoration, protection, and/or conservation actions that will maximize benefits to our conservation targets. This database contains relational tables for the 24 conservation targets that make up the tool. The tables are related through the UC Davis Meadows Layer version 2.0 Meadow ID. The database can be used to design queries to assess conservation targets for meadows in a particular region of interest. Tool metadata, data sources, and guidance on meadow scores can be found in the Tool User Guide.