Sierra Meadow Prioritization Tool Database

Marian Vernon

The Sierra Meadow Prioritization Tool Database includes all 24 conservation target datasets of the Tool in the form of related tables. All tables are related to the Sierra Meadows Table based on the UC Davis Meadow ID, allowing for the user to generate tailored queries that incorporate data from the different tables for aid in decision-making. The user guide and data dictionary includes all associated metadata, data sources, and detailed description and rationale of the different indicators associated with each conservation target as well as suggested scoring approaches. The tool provides a strategic, flexible approach for prioritizing Sierra meadows to achieve multiple benefits. The tool can be used to inform decision-making about which meadows to prioritize for restoration, protection, and/or conservation actions that will maximize benefits to biodiversity and ecosystem targets. Funding for the tool was provided by the Sierra Nevada Conservancy. The tool was developed by the Sierra Meadows Partnership Prioritization Work Group, with leadership from Point Blue.


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