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Welcome to the Sierra Nevada Meadows Data Clearinghouse

The Center for Watershed Sciences and the Information Center for the Environment, in cooperation with affiliated organizations throughout the Sierra Nevada, are in the process of building and maintaining this data clearinghouse to support the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation meadow initiative.

Meadow ecosystems of the Sierra Nevada (California, USA) have been maintained by the interplay of biotic and abiotic forces, where hydrological functions bridge aquatic and terrestrial realms. Meadows are not only key habitat for fishes, amphibians, birds, and mammals alike, but also provide enumerable ecosystem services to humans, not limited to regulating services (e.g., water filtration), provisioning services (e.g., grazing), and aesthetics. Across the Sierra Nevada, montane meadow ecosystems are paradoxically the most important providers of ecosystem services and the most threatened with human activity, and are at risk from a variety of threats, including hydroclimatic alteration.

Meadows GIS Layer v2.0 Released

Meadows Compilation V2.0 Release! Thanks to the heads-up digitization work of many folks at the USFS, we have a revised and updated meadows layer now available. This layer includes compiled meadows (>1 acre) for the Sierra Nevada containing 18,780 meadow polygons (total area = 112,567 hectares, 278,160 acres). Version 2.0 is available on the GeoData tab once you have logged in.

Please node the online map is still displaying v1.0 of the meadows layer. This will be updated in the next few weeks, and we'll announce the update in this message.