Sierra Nevada Meadow Hydrology Assessment: Final Project Report

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Fryjoff-Hung, Anna and Joshua H. Viers. 2013. Sierra Nevada Meadow Hydrology Assessment. Final Project Report to the USDA Forest Service Pacific Southwest Region (USFS PSW). University of California, Davis. 1114 ppd.
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In 2010, the USDA Forest Service Pacific Southwest Region (USFS PSW) received a grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, with matching funds from the State Department of Water Resources, to conduct an assessment of potential water resource benefits of meadow restoration on the 10 national forests distributed across much of the Sierra Nevada. Subsequently, USFS PSW contracted with the Viers Laboratory in the Information Center for the Environment at UC Davis to conduct a field verification of two important objectives of the overall project, described below. This final project report describes the methodology and results of the combined field campaigns (2010-2012). Our efforts were embedded within a broad-scale regional assessment of meadows managed by the Forest Service. This assessment is intended to identify critical information gaps in knowledge, and to establish methods capable of extension to all meadows within the Sierra Nevada by providing initial results to better understand current hydrologic function and potential restoration.