Determining Landscape Connectivity and Climate Change Refugia Across the Sierra Nevada

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In this project, we sought to identify putative climate change refugia and connectivity between meadows across the Sierra Nevada and to use data on persistence, stability, and genetic diversity of mammal populations to validate these hypotheses. We addressed California Landscape Conservation Cooperative priorities of scale by analyzing across the Sierra Nevada. We involved state and federal natural resource managers throughout the project; some are already beginning to incorporate results. Our products focused on maps and tools that are user-friendly and that allow managers to make decisions and set landscape conservation priorities. We are communicating project outcomes directly to CA LCC partners to aid in decisions from immediate, small-scale adaptation projects to region-wide changes in use, development, and planning for state and federal land management. Our results will help managers to prioritize areas and landscapes that are critical to maintaining biodiversity in the Sierra Nevada in the face of climate change and to focus limited resources for effective adaptation efforts.
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Moritz, C., S. R. Beissinger, S. P. Maher, and T. L. Morelli.  Determining Landscape Connectivity and Climate Change Refugia Across the Sierra Nevada. Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, University of California Berkeley. Report. June 28, 2013.

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