Yuba Headwaters Meadow Restoration

General Information
Project Type: 
Project Date: 
June, 2015 to March, 2020
Goals and Objectives

Restore and monitor 3 mountain meadows and monitor an additional 2 reference meadows to achieve the following:

Project objectives:

  • Help meet the goals of AB 32 by achieving net greenhouse gas emission reductions through the restoration of mountain meadows;
  • Improve the understanding of greenhouse gas emissions from mountain meadows; and
  • Support the development of a predictive model that will allow for the use of proxy variables (e.g., depth and duration of saturation, soil texture and carbon content, plant community type, and length of growing season) to estimate carbon sequestration and GHG emissions in mountain meadows.

Co-benefit objectives:

  • Restore and expand habitat for native plants, fish, and wildlife;
  • Restore and enhance the connectivity of associated wetland and riparian communities;
  • Increase late-season flows in meadow streams;
  • Reduce and delay peak flows in meadow streams;
  • Decrease sedimentation downstream of mountain meadows;
  • Improve water quantity and quality for native fish and wildlife;
  • Increase water storage capacity in mountain meadows; and
  • Protect climate refugia in meadows, such as aspen communities and floodplain habitat.
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