Loney Meadow Pilot Restoration

General Information
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May, 2014 to December, 2018
Goals and Objectives

The South Yuba River Citizens League (SYRCL) proposes a full scale restoration project in Loney Meadows. Loney Meadows is situated in the Tahoe National Forest at 6,000 feet of elevation within the Yuba watershed. Loney has a long history of mining, grazing, and recreational uses that have resulted in channel modifications and road use within the meadow. As such, the main channel has degraded and is in danger of forming gullies. The main objectives of the Loney Meadows Pilot Restoration Project are to improve hydrologic function in Loney while prioritizing meadow restoration goals for other meadows in the region. To successfully accomplish these objectives, SYRCL and partners propose the following steps: (1) conduct topographic, ecological, and hydrologic monitoring, (2) complete a restoration design that weighs the costs and benefits of specific restoration activities, (3) synthesize a framework for prioritizing restoration goals in the region, (4) permitting, and (5) implement the restoration as designed. Upon successful completion, SYRCL expects that the channels in Loney Meadows will no longer be in danger of becoming gullied, channel incision will be reduced, floodplain connectivity and groundwater recharge will be improved, and meadow vegetation will improve, specifically the reduction of encroaching conifers. Finally, we will synthesize the findings of previous restoration projects and this project to prioritize meadow restoration goals across the region.

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