Faith Valley Meadow Restoration

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June, 2017 to December, 2023
Goals and Objectives

The goal of the project is to maintain and restore the hydrological and ecosystem processes at Faith Valley to enhance their ability to provide outstanding natural benefits including groundwater storage in a headwaters area, increased streamflow in the dry season, improved downstream water quality, enhanced critical habitat for threatened and sensitive native species, carbon sequestration, resilience to climate change and recreational values. The primary design objective for Faith Valley is to attempt to reduce or reverse channel incision in Faith Valley, with the expectation that the detrimental effects of incision will also be remedied. A secondary design objective is to reduce adverse impacts of recreation on the meadow, while maintaining or improving recreational access.

Project Description
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$200 000
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Faith Valley
Restoration Action: 
The project will use beaver dam analogs and post-assisted log structures to gradual aggrade the channel and install road improvements to restore natural sheetflow.
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