General Information
Project Type: 
Project Date: 
January, 2006
Goals and Objectives

Restoration Type: Creek Re-alignment

Goals: restore natural geomorphic and hydrologic function

Restoration Action: Create new type C channel, plant riparian vegetation, plug and divert old channel

Project Description

El Dorado County. Big Meadow Creek Watershed

Landowner: USFS

on FS Land?: Yes

Restorer: Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit

Cost: $870,000

Size: 2,400 ft. 25 ha

Monitoring: Yes

Reports: Yes

Impacts: Grazing, road consruction, harvesting watershed

Problems: deeply incised and widened stream channel, loss of channel floodplain connectivity, trampling of stream banks, reduced root desnsity, a moderate-to-dry meadow community, convrsion from riparian to upland vegetation, reduced habitat for meadow and riparian

Successful?: Type C rosgen channel matinaed, 21 days of overank flow in 2009, groundwater levels have risen, meadow vegetation appears to have returned (from photos), 90% survival of transplanted and planted vegetation