UCID Land Ownership Perimeter Area Catchment Area Dominant Rocktype Vegetation Majority
UCDSNM008331 County, City and Regional Lands 395.66m 6,983.01m 38,700.00m2 alluvium Riparian
UCDSNM008540 Inyo National Forest 1,610.53m 63,082.02m 1,284,300.00m2 alluvium Riparian
UCDSNM006092 Private 5,508.65m 237,342.90m 3,203,100.00m2 alluvium Riparian
UCDSNM008298 Bureau of Indian Affairs 2,720.26m 200,652.79m 187,650,000.00m2 alluvium Shrubland
UCDSNM008480 Yosemite National Park 1,067.95m 64,520.58m 828,891,900.00m2 alluvium Hardwood
UCDSNM008537 Yosemite National Park 698.16m 16,485.90m 12,600.00m2 alluvium Riparian
UCDSNM004559 County, City and Regional Lands 1,850.89m 127,816.10m 4,619,700.00m2 alluvium Hardwood
UCDSNM006052 Bureau of Land Management 424.13m 12,520.82m 4,644,000.00m2 alluvium Riparian
UCDSNM007913 County, City and Regional Lands 781.77m 27,259.57m 53,427,600.00m2 alluvium Hardwood
UCDSNM008251 Bureau of Land Management 395.16m 9,011.24m 765,900.00m2 alluvium Conifer
UCDSNM008371 Inyo National Forest 3,307.37m 161,083.59m 19,466,100.00m2 alluvium Barren-Rock/Sand/Clay
UCDSNM008376 County, City and Regional Lands 491.08m 7,079.02m 4,500.00m2 alluvium Riparian
UCDSNM008503 Yosemite National Park 374.40m 7,731.19m 749,884,500.00m2 alluvium Riparian
UCDSNM008530 Inyo National Forest 262.97m 4,081.47m 11,700.00m2 alluvium Conifer
UCDSNM000662 County, City and Regional Lands 991.03m 44,419.81m 199,800.00m2 alluvium Riparian
UCDSNM004557 County, City and Regional Lands 334.79m 6,642.64m 121,500.00m2 alluvium
UCDSNM005400 County, City and Regional Lands 2,480.89m 118,860.33m 1,458,900.00m2 alluvium Riparian
UCDSNM000566 County, City and Regional Lands 598.55m 11,511.37m 421,200.00m2 alluvium Riparian
UCDSNM006205 Private 591.73m 14,953.43m 765,900.00m2 alluvium Riparian
UCDSNM007324 County, City and Regional Lands 17,626.10m 1,722,737.50m 1,597,251,600.00m2 alluvium Riparian
UCDSNM007922 Inyo National Forest 1,985.92m 56,322.95m 1,408,500.00m2 alluvium Conifer
UCDSNM008134 Private 31,394.00m 3,058,937.68m 176,836,500.00m2 alluvium Conifer
UCDSNM008013 Private 1,186.22m 37,532.77m 64,800.00m2 alluvium Shrubland
UCDSNM008350 County, City and Regional Lands 1,324.11m 73,123.85m 192,600.00m2 alluvium Riparian
UCDSNM008008 Private 6,290.94m 522,500.83m 20,266,200.00m2 alluvium Hardwood
UCDSNM000026 Private 578.60m 16,752.05m 28,800.00m2 alluvium Riparian
UCDSNM003423 County, City and Regional Lands 1,233.02m 40,322.19m 5,941,800.00m2 alluvium Riparian
UCDSNM008488 Yosemite National Park 374.20m 5,042.38m 79,200.00m2 alluvium Riparian
UCDSNM008518 Yosemite National Park 3,849.98m 157,561.23m 441,000.00m2 alluvium Riparian
UCDSNM008523 Yosemite National Park 1,031.25m 37,054.55m 103,500.00m2 alluvium Riparian
Big Private 18,409.80m 2,698,821.18m 13,370,400.00m2 alluvium Riparian
UCDSNM000126 Private 544.83m 15,634.18m 26,699,400.00m2 alluvium Hardwood
UCDSNM004018 County, City and Regional Lands 1,061.54m 18,342.57m 5,115,600.00m2 alluvium Riparian
UCDSNM004041 County, City and Regional Lands 317.69m 5,523.79m 73,800.00m2 alluvium Riparian
UCDSNM000426 Inyo National Forest 147,644.00m 18,657,597.85m 379,343,700.00m2 alluvium Conifer
UCDSNM000652 Inyo National Forest 110,566.00m 11,625,201.93m 224,053,200.00m2 alluvium Sparse
UCDSNM000544 County, City and Regional Lands 2,623.70m 168,749.63m 342,900.00m2 alluvium Riparian
UCDSNM000553 County, City and Regional Lands 694.37m 25,038.78m 333,900.00m2 alluvium Riparian
UCDSNM006131 Private 1,952.76m 109,121.06m 908,100.00m2 alluvium Riparian
UCDSNM006191 Private 1,016.35m 37,916.96m 10,961,100.00m2 alluvium Riparian
UCDSNM006354 Inyo National Forest 1,099.02m 34,406.27m 98,100.00m2 alluvium Shrubland
UCDSNM006809 Inyo National Forest 2,366.38m 97,662.19m 2,759,400.00m2 alluvium Conifer
UCDSNM002827 Inyo National Forest 300.58m 6,056.63m 172,800.00m2 alluvium Conifer
UCDSNM007892 County, City and Regional Lands 509.75m 6,133.82m 52,414,200.00m2 alluvium Hardwood
UCDSNM008090 Private 658.34m 15,821.67m 167,400.00m2 alluvium Shrubland
UCDSNM008115 Private 379.99m 6,476.11m 16,200.00m2 alluvium Hardwood
UCDSNM007932 Private 1,633.52m 43,249.65m 274,500.00m2 alluvium Open Water
UCDSNM007940 County, City and Regional Lands 593.67m 15,667.19m 54,045,900.00m2 alluvium Hardwood
UCDSNM008548 Yosemite National Park 827.93m 17,162.00m 54,000.00m2 alluvium Riparian
UCDSNM008545 Yosemite National Park 499.65m 14,534.43m 235,800.00m2 alluvium Riparian