Stream-Aquifer Interactions in the Maules Creek Catchment, Namoi Valley, New South Wales, Australia

TitleStream-Aquifer Interactions in the Maules Creek Catchment, Namoi Valley, New South Wales, Australia
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsAndersen M.S, Acworth R.I
JournalHydrogeology Journal
Date PublishedDec
ISBN Number1431-2174
Accession NumberWOS:000271980400014
Keywordsaustralia, ecology, environmental tracers, flow, general hydrogeology, geophysical methods, groundwater discharge, groundwater recharge/water budget, groundwater/surface-water relations, hyporheic zone, river, subsurface water exchange, surface-water, temperature, time-series

The interaction between surface-water streams and groundwater in the Maules Creek catchment of northern New South Wales, Australia has been investigated using a wide range of techniques. Zones of groundwater discharge were mapped by measuring the temperature and fluid electrical-conductivity distribution in bores and surface water. Zones where surface water appears to be recharging the aquifer were investigated by measuring the vertical head gradient between the stream and adjacent bores and by estimates of the decreasing surface flow. Geological heterogeneity appears to be the most significant factor in controlling exchange. Lithological information was assembled using geophysical logging of existing bores, supplemented by the results of electrical resistivity imaging. A preliminary water balance was assembled from the available State records of groundwater abstraction for irrigation, rainfall, evapotranspiration and flow gauging in Maules Creek and the adjacent Namoi River. The analysis has demonstrated the complexity of these coupled systems and gives an indication of the most efficient techniques to be deployed in the field to investigate these complex but important systems.

Short TitleHydrogeol J
Alternate JournalHydrogeol J