Frequently Asked Questions

These are a common set of questions which we have answered more than once.


I have meadows data, reports, or other material I'd like to upload to the website.  How can I do this?

First, you need an account on the website.  Second, you need to contact us about becoming a "collaborator" which is a role we will assign to your user account.  Once you have this new role, you will see options across the very top on how to add content.

Great! The Meadows Clearinghouse needs your expertise to help sustain and build this resource. By participating in the site as a collaborator, you can add local knowledge about restoration projects. By providing photos, spatial points, meadow names, and additional information about specific projects, it will be much easier to visualize the distribution and type of meadow projects throughout the Sierra Nevada.


Data are available to download once you create an account. The data are available as a ESRI File Geodatabase which contains the compiled meadows layer and additional metadata.


Yes, once you have logged into the site, look for download link on the Assessments List page below the map.  It will permit Clearinghouse users to download a spreadsheet of all assessments currently stored in the database.