Tahoe National Forest

Comparison of Meadow Assessment Protocols

This document compares 11 different protocols that can be used to assess meadow condition in California. In this report we present detailed summaries of each of these 11 protocols and make comparisons between them. Our goal is to provide a resource for land managers and others to choose the most appropriate assessment protocol to evaluate the condition of meadows that they manage. We tested protocols in a common set of three meadows and developed a standardized rating system to compare protocol findings.

Carman Watershed Restoration Project Phase 2

The Carman Creek Watershed Restoration Phase 2 project was funded under a California Department of Fish and Wildlife Proposition 1 Grant with the Sierra Valley Resource Conservation District (SVRCD) as grantee, in cooperation with the Carman Valley Watershed Partnership, and the TNF Sierraville Ranger District. Phase 2 project sites include Site #1 Folchi Meadows, Site #2 Folchi Meadows Railroad Grade, Site #4 Carman Creek, and Site #8 Carman Creek. Project sites are located in Plumas and Sierra Counties in the northern portion of the Sierraville Ranger District of Tahoe National Forest (TNF) approximately 2-miles north of Calpine, California. Approximately 375 acres of severely degraded meadow and 10,000 lineal feet of stream channels were restored during Summer 2019.